Boar's Head

Boar's Head A study of a boar's head, masked netsuke carved from boxwood.To manually move the slideshows, hover mouse over the main image, click the left hand square and use the arrows.

Snail Over Lichen

Dried Salmon A horn snail moves over a patch of lichen rendered in boar's tusk inlays.

Bracket Fungus and Snails on Log

Dried Salmon Horn snails on an umimatsu log with boars tusk bracket fungus inlaid.

Dried Salmon

Dried Salmon Entitled 'Homage To Tessai' this representation of a dried salmon is carved from bleached Asian water buffalo horn.

The Trout

Dried Salmon A brown trout carved from fossil walrus tusk under a river bank crafted from umimatsu with various mother of pearl inlays.

Clownfish and Anemone

Clownfish A clownfish amongst an anenome carved from mammoth ivory with double inlay mother of pearl eyes.

Dried Salmon