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UK Lifers Diary

Sep 29th 2020, Red- flanked Bluetail, Spurn

Seen in Cliff farm cottage garden..


Species number 326 on my UK list

11th July, Gull-Billed Tern,  Adwick upon Dearne, Yorks

Quick even dash over there to pick this bird up after a short wait.


Species number 325 on my UK list

8th June, Black-headed Bunting and Subalpine Warbler at Flamborough

BH bunting Clipboard01

Species number 323 and 324 on my UK list

23rd May 2019, Baikal Teal, easy quick twitch to Kilnsea Wetlands, Spurn


Species number 322 on my UK list

8th May 2019, Great Reed Warbler, long stayer at Wintersett res before dipping Bluethroat at Flamborough.

 Great reed warbler Great reed warbler2

Species number 321 on my UK list

11th Sep 2019, Woodchat Shrike, Nice male at Flamborough but them missed Great reed, Golden Oriole and collared Flycatcher at Spurn.


Species number 320 on my UK list


25th Nov, Hume’s Warbler, Berry Head, Brixham. Saw the bird shortly after arriving in fading light.. pic by Mike Langman from earlier in stay.


Species number 319 on my UK list


7th August, Buff Breasted Sandpiper, quick dash over to Blacktoft Sands early evening to nab this one..

Buff breasted sand Buff breasted sand2

Species number 318 on my UK list

15th July, Greater Sand Plover, Easington Beach, Spurn. Quick twitch.. left at 3:30 back home by 9.


Species number 317 on my UK list

14 July, Audouin’s Gull, Norfolk bridge, SHEFFIELD!!

IMG_8250 IMG_8240

Species number 316 on my UK list

30th May, Savi’s Warbler at canal bank, Spurn.  Quick twitch with Phillip.


Species number 315 on my UK list

25th May, Brief views of Nightingale flying and lots singing at Paxton Pits, Suffolk.

Species number 314 on my UK list

15th – 20th May, Trip to Scotland. Golden and White-Tailed Eagle on Isle of Mull. Corncrake on Iona, Crested Tit near Aviemore and Ptarmigam on Cairngorms

White-tailed EagleGolden EagleCorncrake Crested Tit Ptarmigan

Species number 309, 310, 311, 312, 313 on my UK list

23 April 2018, Alpine Swift, Quick dash at 4:30 pm to twitch Swift at Anglers Country Park, Wintersett, Yorks.. great views



Species number 308 on my UK list.

22nd March 2018, Snowy Owl, Awesome young female twitched with Philip on salt marsh near Friskney, Lincolnshire. World Lifer. 

DY67xG9XcAAJAZO 29511962_10156088055628605_8137839035727414242_n

Species number 307 on my UK list.

23th Jan 2018, Spotted Sandpiper, Good close views at Holme Pierrepont, Notts. 

Spotted Sandpiper Spotted Sand2

 Species number 306 on my UK list.

9th Jan 2018, Lapland Bunting and Desert Wheatear. Good flock of Lapland bunting on field east of North Dyke after twitching Desert Wheatear at Whitby Abbey.

IMG_7492 Desert Wheatear Whitby 01.01.18


Lapland-Bunting-N-Dykes-A-Allport-1024x683 IMG_7516

 Species number 304 -305 on my UK list.

24th Sep 2017, Raddes’ Warbler seen in corner field preening itself. and stunning views of an adult male Red Breasted Flycatcher.. 

 Species number 303 on my UK list.

21st July 2017, Pacific Golden Plover seen at North Cave Wetlands.. quick twitch. There and back in 2-3 hours. Good views for 20 min before all the birds spooked and Plover flew off to the East. 


** Species number 302 on my UK list.

28th June 2017, European Bee-Eater 6 seen together at East Leake in Notts, Incredible.

Bee-eaters1  Bee-eaters2


Species number 301 on my UK list.

10th May 2017, Black-winged Stilt, pair at Blacktoft Sands.. nice views of Cetti too.

Stilts       Cetti

Species number **298 +2 **

(seems my previous count inaccurate because of splits) 

on my UK list.

5th Dec 2016,   MEGA, Dusky Thrush at Beeley, North Derbyshire. Fairly straight forward twitch after some secrecy the night before. Very cold frosty morning with Philip. 

15285091_10154829453112342_2381554308540073920_n dusky-thrush

Species number 297 on my UK list.

31st Oct 2016, Brown Strike at Spurn. On RBA at 10:30.. went immediately picking up Philip on way at Orgreave. Great views. Also Rough-legged Buzzard and White -Fronted Geese

cwg1kh7xgaem2z7 cwgnsodxeaaih_h-2

Species number 296 on my UK list. 

21st and 23 Oct 2016, Isabelline Wheatear and Siberian Stonechat in Easington on Fri straight away, then on way to point on Sun, Hooded Crow. At point  Stejneger‚Äôs Stonechat (not yet on British list)

isabelline-wheatear-3-spurn-22-10-16 cvsffu6uaaahwyn

07ac3127-629e-ee29-b17f-2566e5653b43 621ec4bf-65ce-41e3-2a96-27a6dce42ece

Species number 293, 294 and 295 on my UK list. 

17th Oct 2016, Western Swamphen, after dipping at Donna nook (Bluetail + Sibe Stonechat) finally saw this mud chicken at Alkborough. Crap distant views but at least in the bag


Species number 292 on my UK list

13th Oct 2016, MEGA DAY!!! Olive-backed pipit and Paddyfield Warbler at Framborough. Went up from Spurn With Philip. On way back news breaks of SIBERIAN ACCENTOR at Easingston, amazing sight 20 min later. BOOOOOM!!!

cu1x9thxyaatzao paddy-by-richard-willison

sa2 sa1

Species number 289, 290 + 291 on my UK list

25th and 27th Sep 2016, Lesser Grey Strike and Balearic Shearwater. Shrike found almost immediately upon arriving at Mount Batten, Plymouth and finally got to see Shearwater from Berry head. Great to also self find Wryneck on Hope Nose, Torquay the day before

lesser-grey-strike      img_0118

Species number 287 + 288 on my UK list.

9th + 10th Aug 2016,  Baird’s Sandpiper and Kentish Plover. Baird’s early morning start to Spurn MigFest.. stopped at Hatfield for Sand. Long walk to far pans but decent views eventually. Then at Spurn.. early morning dash for Kentish seen in front of Riverside.. Bird moved on in pouring rain but found an hour later on Beacon ponds. More dashing eventually crippling views in front of hide.

(Possible Red Flanked Robin at gas terminals late in day.. and short view of Pallid on Ramsley moor on 12th)

img_0022 img_0036

img_0196 img_0187

Species number 285 + 286 on my UK list.

17th + 18th Aug 2016, Icterine and Greenish Warbler Late afternoon dash to Spurn, stayed 2 nights. Icterine by Warren and although missed Ortalon Bunting picked up Greenish next day after long search at chalk bank. 

7831C623-890E-1389-5B29-A240DF7E32E9  Clipboard01

(Pics only examples)

Species number 283 + 284 on my UK list.

1st Aug 2016, Roseate Tern,  Finally got to see one on a boat trip to Coquet Island just off Amble, Northumberia. 

rosy tern

Species number 282 on my UK list.

21st July 2016, Caspian Tern, Carr Vale. Sudden appearance and a quick dash over there for another life at this brill location. 

Cas Tern2 Cas Tern3

Cas Tern4

Species number 281 on my UK list.

14th July 2016, Sabine’ Gull, Carr Vale. Early morning dash in hope of seeing if bird the day before stuck. Self found at 6 am. 


Species number 280 on my UK list.

8th July 2016, White-winged Black Tern, Orgreave lakes. Thought I’d missed it after yesterdays brief visit and leaving again this morning, but on the chance that it would come back went and had a look. Found almost immediately.

 IMG_0212 WWBT1

Species number 279 on my UK list.

22nd April 2016, Dotterel, near Ashover, Derbyshire. quick twitch for this sought after bird. 


Species number 278 on my UK list.

7th March 2016, Hoopoe at Hinksford / Wall Heath, Staffordshire. Stunning views with Dan and Philip. Great day.

 Hoopoe Hoopoe2

Species number 277 on my UK list

22nd Feb 2016, Shore Lark at Buck Beck, Cleethorpes. found by kate.


Species number 276 on my UK list

15th Feb 2016, Ferruginous Duck at Pugneys near Wakefield but only managed to see it’s white arse sticking out of the reeds.. so went to North Landing, Flamborough to see Richards Pipit. (x2)

12715222_10153855356868605_3703024535156567702_n 12698709_10153855365318605_8820275680636087297_o

 Species number 274 and 275 on my UK list

 27th Dec 2015, Dusky Warbler, Slavonian Grebe and Firecrest. The warbler seen at Ham Wall RSPB in Somerset on way down to Torquay. The Slavonian Grebe off Broadsand’s Beach and the stunning Firecrest in the carpark.. along with crippling views of Yellow-browed warbler.

dusky-warbler-01 firecrest 2015

CW66xkBWkAAhWe4 torbay_boat_trip_this_morning_mixed_flock_of_black_necked_and_slavonian_grebes_broadsands_9757_0

Species number 271, 272, 273 on my UK list

9th Nov 2015, Crag Martin, only 9th bird seen in UK and first for Derbyshire found the day before flying  around Chesterfield Spire.. seen after tense hour wait.

338963898 CTX9iYIXIAAi6BU


Species number 270 on my UK list

16th Oct 2015Pallas’s Leaf Warbler, After great day starting at Spurn.. then Hornsey Mere missed Grebe, caught up with Warbler at Buckton, by the trap at end of Hoddy Cows Lane.


Species number 269 on my UK list

6th Sep 2015, Mealy Redpoll being ringed at Spurn


Species number 268 on my UK list

5th Sep 2015,  Spurn Mig Fest Seawatch got me views of Cory’s  and Sooty Shearwater and Long-Tailed Skua.

Species number 265, 266, 267 on my UK list

3rd Sep 2015, Black Stork seen in ditch just up Humber from Sunk Island on way to Spurn Mig Fest.


Species number 264 on my UK list

15th August 2015, Spotted Crake at Blacktoft Sands. Arrived early 6:30 and saw Crake almost immediate. Stayed a few hours for better views… then on to Spurn. 

055 076

Species number 263 on my UK list

 12th July,  drove down to Brindley Ford in Staffs with Philip today to see Red- Footed Falcon, Saw bird immediately upon leaving car, cracking views, really close, swooped down to eat small insect. Also a Black Redstart at same location and really close views of short eared owl at Stilleo woods on way home. Great twitch. 

 RRFalcon rrfUntitled

Species number 262 on my UK list

 4th July,   After being up all night watch one of the biggest thunderstorms I’ve ever experience, I decided to try to see the elusive Little Bittern at Old Moor. Got there at 5.15am and nabbed the last front seat in hide. Was deeply frustrated however after missing the bird’s first appearance.. a short flight into reeds from its roost position. Luckily 10 minutes later had great views as it flew back and landed in a tree where is showed well for a good 10 minutes. Back home by 7.30 am

Little Bittern 098

Species number 261 on my UK list

15th -17th June, Short trip down to Norfolk with Kate and Alfie gave 3 lifers. Stone-Curlew at Weeting Heath, and Common Crane at Lakenheath and a few days later White-rumped Sandpiper at Cley Marshes. Wonderful pub B+B at Oversand White Horse. 

Stone Curlew Common cranes-lakenheath-2014-06-17White Rumped Sandpiper

Species number 258, 259, 260 on UK list

6th June    Easington, near Spurn.  5:30 am, While looking for a Bee-eater reported to have flown towards coast from village saw a large passerine on hawthorne.. closer inspection revealed it to be Corn Bunting  

Corn Bunting Corn Bunting2

Species number 257 on my UK list.  

5th June.  Drove to Spurn to see a Red-Necked Phalarope that had been on Kilnsea Wetlands for a few days. Bird found almost immediately on arrival. Stunning little bird. Stayed at bird observatory overnight hoping to do a few hours in the morning. Left next day early after bad night sleep only for a bee-eater and Pacific Swift to be seen later that day. 

Red-Necked Palarope

Species number 257 on my UK list. 

 31st May. A Green-Winged Teal been present on Carr Vale, Derbyshire for a couple of days. An easy tick and met Tony Wales there.We went to Hatfield Moor after to try to see a Red-Necked phalarope.. we dipped. 
Green Winged Teal
Species number 255 on my UK list. 

 15th May. Temmincks Stint seen at Tiln North Scrape at Lound, Notts. Went after an not finding probably the same bird at Bawtry Scrape. Met up with Des and found bird after an hour or so searching. 

crop CBooth2

Species number 254 on my UK list

 12th May. A pair of Montagu’s Harrier have settled into Blacktoft Sands. Went over late after and had great views almost immediately. Lovely  birds, my pics poor but lifted these of net taken a day before.

Blog Montys 3

montagu's harrier blacktoft sands 10th may 2015

Species number 253 on my UK list

 4th May.  Went over to Chisworth, a village not far from Glossop, North Derbyshire to see a Red-Throated Pipit. Great views of a beautiful bird in a high sheep meadow.
Red-troated Pipit
Species number 252 on my UK list

27th Feb, Laughing Gull seen at New Brighton, Wirral on way to North Wales for a few days.  Easy bird showing brilliant at close range.  Also picked up second Iceland gull on the month, this one Padeen beack car park,  North Wales..


110  222

Species number 251 on UK list